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      11 College Care Package Ideas for Parents

      By Stephen Sellner | Citizens Bank Staff

      Care packages are a way for parents to lend their child a helping hand while away at college. You can’t help with the exams or friend-making, but you can restock their dorm supplies and give them a reminder of home.

      These surprises will bring a smile to your child’s face and remind them that even though you’re in different places, you’re still there for them.

      So what do you include in a care package? Here are some ideas to consider:

      Cleaning and laundry supplies are sure to be appreciated, especially if this is the first time your child is doing their own laundry. Plus, they’re the items your child won’t be thrilled to spend their money on, even if they’re necessities.

      Throw in some home-cooked treats to remind them of their favorite treats. They’ll appreciate it, especially if the dining hall’s dessert collection isn’t up to par. And add a handwritten note with your well wishes to give them the confidence to keep up their hard work.

      Last but certainly not least, cash is always on short supply for college students. Just throwing that out there.

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